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Our offer

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Looking for a one-stop automotive repair shop?
Look no further than us.

We offer a full range of services related to the care, repair and enhancement of the car appearance. Even the most sophisticated task will be a challenge for us, and with our experience and knowledge we will be happy to meet it.

Brake Repair
  • Brake Inspection – from 50 $
  • Brake Rotor Replacement – from 50 $
  • Front Disc Brake Repair – from 80 $
  • Rear Disc Brake Repair – from 250 $
  • Rear Drum Brake Repair – from 240 $
Vehicle Inspections
  • Basic Inspection – from 30 $
  • Emissions Inspection – from 150 $
  • Insurance Inspection – from 50 $
  • Eco Inspection – from 50 $
  • Safety Inspection – from 200 $
Exhaust System Repair
  • Exhaust Inspection – from 90 $
  • Downpipe Replacement – from 140 $
  • Manifold Replacement – from 220 $
  • Muffler Replacement – from 210 $
  • Catalytic Replacement – from 50 $

Get more. Pay less. Detaling for you.

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Our team

Even a simple cleaning requires a proper approach from the owner. The choice of cleaning agents and patience are essential to maintain the original appearance of your car. The same is true of repairs, which done with precipitation will quickly lead to even more serious damage.


Alex Peters


Heny Petrich

Front Desk

Kamila Klarkson


Tom Kalvin


1. Washing

A facility used to clean the exterior and, in some cases, the interior of motor vehicles.

2. Preparing

In short, preparing for a car wash is about making sure you have everything you need to properly.

3. Drying

There are multiple ways of drying your car. The most common one is drying with Microfiber towels.

4. Ready

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About us

Our family business was established in 1990 near Cracow. For the last 30 years from a small workshop, our company has become a well-known centre of services related with repairing and maintaining the car. Despite this, we are still developing, extending the range of services and even more increasing the level of professionalism.

  • Body cleaning and care
  • Professional interior cleaning
  • Repair of engine and drivetrain
  • Repair of electrical and electronic equipment
  • Optical tuning of the body
  • Engine and suspension modifications


Andrew Almanza
When I was in charge of the neighborhood seafood festival I ordered sever vinyl banners to advertise for it weeks ahead of time. They were perfect because they could stay outside above the street for the entire time.
Elena Colinz
They are prompt, affordable, respectful and i cannot ask for better service. Would recommend Luck and his team to anyone.
Liya Beatz
I went there for a wrap with a very particular design and they nailed it. Luck is an awesome guy very nice staff.
Lara Koal
Excellent service, they quickly and thoroughly removed the stains that I couldn't get rid of even with the help of professional products...
Alexander Kolins
You can trust them! I was excited to tune the engine by myself, and they explained me risks and what they could do to make sure I have the same effect without losing the engine. Full class!
Alexander Kolins
I haven't met a second workshop with such an excellent customer approach. It was not only a professional repair, but the staff also showed what and how and explained the prices. They are specialists for sure